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TailMax is a professional pet products manufacturer. We are committed to developing more advanced pet products and more environmentally friendly and price-reduced materials to enhance the closer relationship between humans and pets. We also advocate the use of garbage recycling for pet emissions and make our own contribution to the general environment and climate. Contribution, currently our products have been sold well in more than 30 countries, you are welcome to join us

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nourish 🐕‍🦺 dog habits:
Feeding habits, health check-ups, hygiene,
and changing the dog’s personality


TailMax is a company focused on providing high-quality, environmentally friendly pet products. We are committed to providing your pets with a full range of care and comfort, covering many aspects such as hygiene and leisure.

Our products include biodegradable dog poop bags, cat litter mats, cat scratching posts, dog collars, dog shoes, pet air boxes, etc. Every product is carefully designed to ensure your pet's safety and comfort.

Our products are eco-friendly and include biodegradable dog poop bags, as well as a variety of other items carefully designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Our goal is to provide your pet with total care and comfort.

Yes, our dog poop bags are made from biodegradable materials to minimize environmental impact. We are environmentally conscious and committed to providing more sustainable options for pet owners.

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